Angelove Estate

For years, Angel and I have been creating and producing a variety of different products that inspire us, truffles, cherry rakia, Castile soap, and coming soon pasture-raised beef. Our company became a reality the minute we bought our land for the truffle orchard in 2012 and planted the first truffle tree in 2013, but we didn’t officially name it till 2017 when we registered Angelove Estate Ltd. and purchased the distillery.

The name of the company is pretty straightforward, as our family name is Angelov, but we wanted it to mean something a bit more, because not only is our company a family business but as a husband and wife duo… our love is a very important element, which is why we thought AngeLOVE Estate perfectly encapsulates our vision for the future. Together we will create products that will fuel our lives, from the bounty of my village garden to the fresh eggs topped with truffles.

While I will be writing more frequently here about our adventures, you can also follow Angelove Estate’s social media… click the links to find our Facebook page and Instagram page… Hopefully, our daughter Boryana will start making us some TikToks in the future. You can also sign up for our mailing list here. Our website will be ready soon, where you can book truffle tours, and purchase spirits, soap, and all things Angelove.

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