Castile Soap/Кастилски Сапун

9lv for 500ml/9лв 500мл (ONLINE ONLY)
Plus delivery with EKONT/Плюс доставка със ЕКОНТ

Do your hands get cracked in the winter from commercial soap? This natural product is multi-functional, use it in your bathroom, wash your dishes, spray sick houseplants, add essential oils to make a custom body soap or shampoo. This soap is perfect for people with sensitive skin!

This product contains 100% olive oil, distilled water, and potassium hydroxide.

Напукват ли ви се ръцете през зимата от сапуна достъпен в търговските обекти? Този естествен продукт е многофункционален, използвайте го в банята си, измийте чиниите си, напръскайте болни стайни растения, добавете етерични масла за да направите персонализиран сапун за тяло или шампоан. Този сапун е идеален за хора с чувствителна кожа!

Този продукт съдържа 100% зехтин, дестилирана вода и калиева основа..

In 2012, I took a soap making course organised by amateurs, but it filled with enough knowledge and courage to attempt soap making at home. I concocted numerous recipes, most of which were not successful. The tried and true recipe that I present today that has been with me all these years is my recipe for Castile soap made with olive oil. The original idea behind making liquid soap was to use in organic agricultural sprays… you can find my recipe here.

When I was in the learning stages of my gardening adventure, I would look for solutions to problems such pests and disease online. Many of the recommendations require Castile soap, particularly Dr. Bronner’s, which wasn’t available in Bulgaria at the time, and it was expensive, when it eventually did arrive.

I am very proud of the soap that I created and now I want to give others the opportunity to try it. I had given away samples a few months back to followers of EGL and have received some fantastic reviews and testimonials.

Amazing for dishes and all other domestic uses!

Excellent all purpose soap! Gentle on skin, non-irritating and contains no perfumes. Great product, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean. Highly recommend. -Amalia

I was honoured to test the soap and I would like to say it is really a great product. I would recommend it to my friends and all that would like to pamper themselves. Good luck, Casey and team! -Elitsa Petrova

The soap is so light and has a fresh clean smell. It’s very effective and doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin. Thank you guys! -Gery Ivanova

Nurturing and soft on the skin, without the sliminess of most handmade soaps and minus the squeaky, chemical feel of generic handwash detergents that leave your hands feeling dry and irritated. Smells of Greece, too! -Yvette Lukova, Chef

Great Soap! I have used the soap for several months. Having psoriasis and needing to use a natural, organic soap, I was eager to try it! It helps with my dry skin tremendously. It’s also very soapy. Lathers up nicely with a good amount of suds that helps with dry skin removal for my psoriasis. I highly recommend this soap to anyone. It’s made with top notch ingredients! -Chance and Dee-dee Galloway