IWC Charity Bazaar… Madness

Every year the International Women’s Club of Sofia has a holiday charity bazaar. Individual countries set up stalls and sell various items that are unique to that country i.e food, crafts, grocery products, which are difficult to locate in Sofia etc… Last year, I tried helping out with the American stall, but my job didn’t give me much time. This year, my contribution was limited to using my husband as a mule to smuggle ranch dressing, taco seasoning and good seasons salad dressing in his suitcase, which will be sold at inflated prices to help the needy.

Yesterday was the first time I actually attended the bazaar and it was madness. I had envisioned strolling from stall to stall checking out all of the international goodies, but not the case. People were insane. My daughters were being pushed around and knocked into, I even took a few hits. I hope hundreds of thousands of euros were raised because something you see very often in Bulgaria, especially in the big shopping malls such as CCS & Mall of Sofia are overfilled parking lots, but empty shops; people just walking the mall as if it were some giant indoor fitness track.
My favorite part was the food. We were starving when we arrived and the first stall came to was Russia they were selling some meat filled bread rolls. They were good, but the girls were only satisfied with a few bites.

Yummy meaty goodness!

Boryana had lead us to some new Austrian culinary treats, by sticking her fingers in everything, which we had to buy. The girls didn’t really like anything, so Angel and I had to finish it off.
The poppy seed cake was quite different, yet tasty.

At the Pakistani stall, I tried a Samosa, which was quite good. I would love to find a recipe and give them a try.
Because of all the people, it was really hard to even get near some of the tables. We didn’t stay too long, but here are a random sampling of some stalls.

At the Japanese stall, they would write your name in Japanese

My peeps… actually I don’t know any of them, but still, my peeps!

I loved that the Cuban stall served Mojito’s at 10 am on a Sunday!

Georgia, complete with Vodka!

Brasil, if you couldn’t tell!

The lovely ladies of Ireland serving up Irish coffee.
Koos snacking on some Dutch mini pancakes.

Armenian BBQ pork “Khorvats”

Sweden: I am kicking myself that I didn’t get some lingonberry sauce!

I can’t imagine what it is like putting together an event like this. The woman that organized it need a tremendous amount of congratulations for such a successful event. But next year, it might need to be 2 days, just to ease the amount of people traffic. I didn’t get a chance to buy as much as I would have liked to because I couldn’t get near the tables.