Slow Food Story: Sofia Film Festival

For the 17th annual Sofia International Film Festival, Slow Food Bulgaria organized a tasting event to follow the premier of Stefano Sardo’s film, Slow Food Story, which follows the 25 year history of on of Slow Food‘s founders, Carlo Petrini and the “gastronomic revolution”. 

Our event featured Culinarno with Joana, a popular food blogger that created three amazing nibbles using Slow Food Presidium products, like the Cherni Vit Green Cheese, Nafpavrok/ Meurche and Smilyan Beans. I had the pleasure to lend a hand in the kitchen, along with Lyudmil and Maya.
The first bite to be served were mini hamburgers filled with a puree of spinach and Smilyan beans
The next dish to be served was a nettle and nafpavrok or meurche wrapped into a phyllo pastry and served with a yogurt and dill sauce.

The third was a Cherni Vit green cheese served with plum chutney on a toasted baguette. All of the food received rave reviews and each was paired with wines that were provided by Domaine Boyar, which was the main sponsor of the whole festival. Yana Petkova, wine taster, writer for DiVino and co-owner of Grape Center helped conduct the tasting between Joana’s food and the wines, which were selected especially for the event. They included a Merlot 2012 – organic, from Ivaylovgrad region, not even bottled yet, so we tried barrel samples, which was quite interesting; Ars Longa Mavrud & Rubin and Next 20 Muscat a dessert wine.

For dessert, Rositsa and Ina from Rosey’s Mark created a Rose Crumble, which was sweet with gentle floral notes. I personally love flower flavored food. You will be able to find the recipe for the crumble on their website shortly. We are hoping to create a SF Presidium for the edible rose products in Bulgaria. 
The work that we are doing with Slow Food is more than fancy treats and wine at a film festival. These events are just the vehicle to reach a larger audience to know about the philosophy of Slow Food and our projects in Bulgaria. I recently wrote an article for Premium Lifestyle magazine (March 2013) about Slow Food; it is in Bulgarian, but I posted my original English version here on EGL’s Facebook page.


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Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

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