Multi-Kulti Kitchen: Peru

Last Sunday, Multi-Kulti Kitchen organized another wonderful event and this time we travelled on a culinary voyage to South America, without leaving Sofia. Chef Carlos Porten from Lomo shared with close to 50 guests the latin delights from his home country, which can be described as rustic, yet delicious.

The audio visual presentation included a fantastic film about the nations pride, which exists in the kitchen. The film Peru Sabe was the works of world renowned chef Ferran Adrià and Peru’s influential Chef Gastón Acurio. Lomo will be organizing a screening of the film at the bar soon, I will keep you updated!

We started with Papa a la Huancaína, a traditional salad of boiled potatoes with a sauce named after Huancayo region in the central Peruvian highlands. It was an interesting sauce, which reminded me bit of a Hollandaise.

The second course was a halibut Ceviche and you can find the recipe on Multi-Kulti’s website in English and Bulgarian. The fish was amazingly fresh. It was a spectacular dish and the giant corn kernels were something that I have not experience in Sofia before.
Our final course was just the icing on the cake, Bolitas with Chicharrons. The bolitas were fried balls filled with rice, beans and lentis. The Chicarron was a slowly braised pork that literally melted in your mouth. This was not a light course, but how could one resist!

A new edition to this event was a pop quiz about the Peruvian presentation, which I administered, although I had a bit of a fact checking issue. I thought Machu Picchu was the highest peak in Peru, while a group of Bulgarian-Peruvians pointed out my error that it is actually Huascarán, which turned out to be the tie-breaking question for a 50lv gift certificate to Lomo for the winning team.

The Multi-Kulti Kitchen events are fun and we love to give this pleasure to Sofia, but we are a true NGO with a mission and need help fundraising for our projects, such as the Multi-Kulti Map. Carlos is lucky to have integrated so successfully into his life in Bulgaria, but others, like the growing refugee population can’t say the same. Please visit our website and learn more about us and our work. All is appreciated.

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Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

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