Ciccione Panini Bar & Bakery

Of all the international cuisines available in Sofia and Bulgaria in general, the Italian influence is by far the most ingrained into society. A majority of Bulgarian restaurants have some interpretation of Italian staples like pizza and pasta. Ciccione is a relatively new addition to Sofia offering a nice alternative to traditional fast food options in the center.

Located on Hristo Belchev, Ciccione is ideally situated across the street from Confetti and directly next door to the Irish pub 19th Hole. The foot traffic alone will help to ensure plenty of hungry Sofians visit the shop.
Upon entering Ciccione, to your left you find the bakery and sandwich counter. Freshly made sandwiches line the glass counter waiting to be pressed. Since I had already eaten lunch, I opted for a coffee.
Guests can sit at one of the counters located street level, or they can find an abundance of seating downstairs. There is a staircase located in the middle of the shop, so you can’t miss it.
At the back of the shop, you can find a deli counter with the cheeses, meats and other cold products that you can purchase for home. As, I was not hungry, I picked up some cheese nibbles to share with the family. I would have to say that the ranges is limited and the prices are on par with other gourmet shops, selling similar products, but if one is looking for an extensive range of Italian meats and cheeses, I think iSensi and Dar ot Bogovete offer a wider selection, although usually at a higher price.
Next time I am in Sofia for lunch, I will be sure to stop and try a panini… If there is any additional notable information, I will update this post. Having access to fresh bread and imported Italian cheeses and meats will almost guarantee a tasty sandwich. The prices are decent, so you can find something in the 2 – 4 lv
Hristo Belchev Str. №6, ул. Христо Белчев 6 
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria  
Hours: Mon – Fri: 8-23:30 
Sat.10-23:30 Sun.11-19 
Тел/Tel: 0882 503 040 

Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

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