Multi-Kulti Kitchen: Terra Madre Day

It was pure coincidence that this month’s Multi-Kulti Kitchen (MKK): Bulgaria happened to be the day before Slow Food’s Terra Madre Day. As a way of joining the two celebrations, the MKK: Bulgaria was an event, which showed their appreciation to all of the various communities; Afghanistan, Syria, and Dominican Republic to name a few, who have shared their food and culture with Sofian’s through out the last year. Terra Madre Day is celebrated every December 10th as a way to reconnect communities with local food. 

Slow Food Bulgaria’s partnership with Multi-Kulti Kitchen is a natural fit; the organization works to help integrate refugee and small cultural enclaves within Sofia and the Bulgarian community through the sharing of food and culture. Slow Food strives to protect biodiversty and preserve traditional and local products. In Bulgaria, these traditional products are becoming “refugees” in their own country… almost unrecognizable to the majority of people living in the major urban areas, even in small towns and villages. They are facing extinction. At this event, SF will use the opportunity to educate people about the the significance of Smilyan Beans and why they are worth preserving as part of Bulgaria cultural heritage.
Slow Food and MKK were proud to highlight Smilyan Beans. The attendees were able to experience the flavor of these beans, which were prepared for the traditional Bulgarian holiday menu; stuffed dried red peppers with beans, a Christmas staple. The beans are usually seasoned with Djordjan, a Bulgarian variety of spearmint, which contributes to the characteristic taste.

I didn’t get the opportunity to take many photos this time because as a representative for both MKK and Slow Food, I was quite busy, especially with my duties at MC. Thankfully Ludmila, editor at BBC GoodFood Bulgaria was on hand. She will be sharing all the details and photos from the event in an upcoming issue.

There was a lovely menu of traditional Bulgarian holiday foods, which were prepared by Angel, from Culinary School Amuse Bouche. Here are a few of the other things that were offered. Anyone familiar with Bulgarian cuisine will be quite familiar with these tasty morsels.

Despite the number of holiday events that fill the December calendar, it was a successful event. MKK was very fortunate to have some fantastic partners in Culinary School Amuse Bouche, Foodies’, Бакалия, Книгомания, BBC GoodFood. If you are interested in finding out more about MKK and their future project, MKK Sofia Map, please visit the website. Interested in helping the Slow Food revolution in Bulgaria? Email me!

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