I decided to host November’s EGL dinner at K.E.B.A. I was looking for a place that had an interesting vibe, but also affordable enough to encourage a nice turn out… With me, we were 11 at some point, but people trickle in and out. The description was straightforward; hip place where artists and actors hang out… simple and affordable Bulgarian food.

I found the place to be just as described. The interior was clean and modern. The cliental had that hip cool vibe about them, whether or not that is a positive or negative is not for me to decide.
I had a great night out with friends. The food was a bit of an after thought though tasty and the ingredients seemed to be fresh. One person complained that they were getting a bit fancy with the Shopska, but I did however enjoy the potato gratin with olives. I think three of us ordered it at the table because we kept eating off each others plate waiting for our orders to arrive.
Will I be returning because the food was spectacular… probably not, but I will return (and order the potatoes). This place has a function which it fills nicely; simple, tasty and affordable food in a cool setting.
114 Rakovski St/ ул. Раковски 114 
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria 
Tel: +359 (0) 87 731 3233
пон – нед/Mon – Sun. 08:00 – 02:00
Facebook: K.E.B.A

Want to see more photos from our dinner at К.Е.В.А… Please check out my Facebook album.

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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria www.caseyangelova.com

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