My Organic Market


For those of you who aren’t familiar with My Organic Market, it is a great shop for all your organic needs and it is conveniently located right in the center of Sofia. This a plus if you are on foot, but parking is a bit of a nightmare, but a bit better with the new parking zones and increase in the tariff.

My photos are a bit dated. They have switched things around, but the product offerings are about the same. What I like about My Organic Market is their selection of baby goods and seeds and grains sold in bulk. I visited the other day to buy stuff for Gabriel: amaranth, black & red quinoa, barley and millet.
They have a range of beauty care products as well as teas and other packaged snacks.

The freezer section is filled with beverages, tofu and other protein substitutes, dairy products and more…

As far as I know this was one of the first organic shops in Sofia. It was formerly part of Sun & Moon that includes many shops and restaurants all keeping with the same philosophy as My Organic Market, which you can read about in detail on their website, where you can also shop online.

София, ул. Парчевич 48/Sofia, 48 Parchevich Str. (Vitosha Blvd.)
 тел./Tel. + 359 878 878 342
 Отворено всеки ден 9 – 20ч. събота 9 – 19ч./Open every day 9-20h, saturday 9-19h
 skype: и myorganicmarket_parchevich


Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

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