Multi-Kulti Kitchen: Syria

Multi-Kulti Kitchen had the opportunity to present Syrian cuisine at July’s event. Alex and Kamel from The Olive Garden in Sofia along with others from the Syrian community were eager to share with Sofians a side of Syria that has been missing in the media for quite some time; the history, the traditions, the culture and of course the food. I think a testament to the success of the event was the fact that over 60 people came out on an excruciatingly hot Sunday in July.

As part of the Multi-Kulti Kitchen program, it started with a presentation about Syria. Beside eating, the organization tries to give the context of the food and it’s people. Kamel lead the talk and subsequent Q & A session, where anyone from the audience can participate.
The cuisine of Syria has a vast array of influences that are directly affect by geography. The two most prominent regions culinarily are Aleppo and Damascus, names which most people have become quite familiar with in recent months. The history of Syria gives great insight as to why the food is so revered; it was one of the major hubs on the Silk Route. The fertile land and ideal climate helped to foreign fruits, veggies, herbs and spices flourish. The Syrian Academy of Gastronomy is a wonderful resource for furthering your knowledge about the intricacies of this diverse cuisine.
The food was abundant and fresh. The climate of Syria is on the hotter side, so what better country to present during the summer. Tabbouleh salad is crisp and refreshing on a smoldering day, along with creamy hummus and pita bread!

The food was served buffet-style, so everyone had a chance to savor all of the flavors. With such a diverse and delicious spread, it is easy to under why so many people ventured out.

Multi-Kulti was a bit short handed on volunteers, so eager supporters jumped in to lend a hand; like Boyana from Foodies.

Some very popular items found frequently on the Syrian menu are kebbehs. They can be filled with just about anything; these were filled with minced meat, onion and spices.
Our main dish was lamb with okra, which is a typical Syrian dish. Alex and Kamel shared with us the recipe for this dish on the Multi-Kulti Kitchen website.

When we think of Syria and places like Aleppo, let us briefly forget the war that is ravaging the country and remember that this food, which has warmed the stomachs and hearts of millions will survive to bring comfort to millions more.

Multi-Kulti Kitchen was also featured in the September 13th, issue 71 of BBC GoodFood, which in the future will be a partner of Multi-Kulti Kitchen. I didn’t receive credit, but the photo shown above was mine. Yeah for my first published photo!
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