i Sensi

i sensi is an oldie, but a goodie, as it opened almost 5 years ago in 2007. I was in the center recently and in need of a nice bottle of wine. I called my friend Sally for a suggestion of a place that had a nice selection and was in walking distance, since I had Gabriel in the Moby wrap and I didn’t want to drive. I had visited the shop a few years back when it was located at 12 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd, but I had not managed to visit the shop in its new and much larger location, while it is no longer new, it was a first for me to see the new digs.

The selection of Italian products are impressive. High quality cured meats that are sliced on the spot rather than pre-sliced like you find in Bulgarian supermarkets, salads, breads, fresh pasta and more. To get specific on all the great its would require a novel.
The wine is Italian of course, while I am not very knowledge able in Italian wines the crisp Northern Pinot Grigio went great with our cheese plate. My only concern with their wines is the bright lights that shine on the bottles and the effect it will have on the condition of the wines.
The dairy cooler was inspiring, I have not found such a collection of buffalo milk products together in one place in Sofia. I immediately thought of my love of Caprese salads with the heirloom pink tomatoes and lovely supply of fresh basil growing in my garden.

The large selection of pantry items ranged from condiments to baby food and more. All these items were worth a glance.

Just being in i sensi made me want to prepare an Italian Feast. I have to dust off some Italian cookbooks that I put away for issues with ingredient availability. You can check on their website for the brands that they work with and carry in the shop www.isensi.bg.

ул. Аксаков 17/  17 Aksakov Street
София/ Sofia
Tel/ Тел: (0)2 980 85 04
M: +359 (0) 878 988 337
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Author: caseyangelova

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