Multi-Kulti Kitchen: Dominican Republic

Back in February, I attempted to join my first Multi-Kulti Kitchen event. It was all about American food culture, which I considered quite apropos, but due to horrid weather and severe snowstorms, the 90km journey was near impossible. I was on board to make fresh cranberry sauce and a cheese cake for the Thanksgiving themed meal. Even though I missed my own country’s event, I wanted to be apart of the organization for a variety of reasons. The most obvious being my passion for food, but I share the belief that understanding and respecting different cultures is important and one of the best ways to accomplish this is through the breaking of bread.

This event was held at the Tea House on Benkovski. It was the perfect location, with it’s open floor plan and high ceilings. It was spacious and flexible. Once the people were done eating we easily moved the chairs and tables so we could do some merengue dancing.
It was truly a group effort to make the event possible and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with such passionate and dedicated women.
The menu was simple and delicious and included green salad with avocados, pastelitos, moro de habichuelas and pollo guisado. The recipes will be able to be found on the Multi-Kulti Kitchen website soon.
The feedback from everyone was that the food was great and a new and unique flavor combination, for those who have not experience this sort of latin cuisine.
The Tea House created a specialty cocktail using authentic Dominican Rum, which can be found in Sofia at many shops, such at HIT in Mladost. I had a sip and it instantly transported me back to our family cruise where we spent and afternoon on the beach in the DR, which happened to be the best day of the entire cruise.
NOVA TV came out to shoot the event, which under normal circumstances would have been amazing.  Multi-Kulti Kitchen is a young organization, which is funded by the passion of the participants. It is in the process of being registered as a not for profit in Bulgaria. When the reporter/intern from Nova TV arrived she said she couldn’t mention anything about Multi-Kulti because it would be advertising and against the “global television rules”… Having spent many years in television and film, working in product placement no less, I am quite familiar with the international rules in this regard. I asked for the number to speak directly with her producer and she said she didn’t have a contact. I am sorry but who gives an intern a few thousand euro camera and a crew to just roam about Sofia. As of now, I have not seen the segment, but I wanted them to leave and not shoot the event.  My reason being, if they were not going to promote our organization, why should we provide them with content, which they sell advertising for and make a profit. We weren’t asking for much, just say the name of the organization. Nothing more.
I am also fairly knowledgeable in journalism and any reporter, producer or editor putting together the segment, regardless of the length needs to establish the scene. In normal world, a reporter will say something like “I am at TEA HOUSE in Sofia for an event by MULTI-KULTI KITCHEN celebrating the cuisine of the Dominican Republic.” There is no advertising in that statement, it is just stating the facts… I was so upset by the sheer idiocy of the situation. In the end, we decided to see how the segment turns out.

Johanna gave a presentation on the history and culture of the Dominican Republic, which was wonderful except for the fact we could have used a microphone… next time.

There were a bunch of kids present, including my two girls and Johanna’s daughter. They were having a blast, which was wonderful to have not only a multicultural event, but multigenerational as well. They did spend a bit of time in the Elephant Bookstore.

After our grub, we proceeded to the merengue portion of the event, which was quite fun and included prizes for those that were brave enough to come and dance. Angel managed to find 4 dance partners, which was quite amusing.

All the dancing was possible because of instructions from our Dominican hosts Johanna and Boris. Thank you!

Anyone who is interested in sharing their food and culture with Multi-Kulti Kitchen please contact me at! Also, if you are interested in providing a location, food, your participation or any other donations, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

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