Let’s Clean Up Kyustendil 2012

A few weeks ago my daughter Maya came home from school talking about cleaning up Hissarlaka, the hill that overlooks Kyustendil. Her excitement made me very proud that she was learning about community and civil responsibility. The action was part of Let’s Do It: World Clean Up 2012, which BTV is sponsoring as part of Да Изчицтим България: Let’s Clean Up Bulgaria.

At 10:30, we were supposed to meet up at the “Dr Junki” meadow to get our t-shirts, bags and gloves, but for some reason the woman who we RSVP’ed to was mistaken, so we missed out getting our t-shirts and gloves, which was a bummer. Another odd thing about the day was that when Angel called the woman told him that they were pre-cleaning on Saturday, which to me makes absolutely no sense.

In my opinion, this day should be used to illustrate the effects that litter leaves on the beauty of the Bulgarian landscape; a way to raise awareness. If the participants in the clean-up effort arrive to see partially cleaned up area, what is to stop them from thinking… oh this isn’t that dirty; why bother; why am I here. So, when we finally started our clean up at 11am, a half hour after the intended start and were struggling to find garbage.
We really needed to branch out and go off the beaten path to find a significant haul. We did however manage to fill nearly 3/4 of our bag by the end. The girls complained a bit while we were climbing up the mountain, but I was setting a very pregnant slow pace. They perked up on the decent.

Through a break in the canopy we managed to find a nice little vista of the town.

We cleaned for about an hour and by the end I was broken, once again pushing myself and forgetting I am due in 2 weeks. At the bottom, there was a small collection of refuse, which made me realize it was worth it. I think the girls really saw the power of people working together to keep Bulgaria beautiful or at least I hope they did. Till next year!
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