Sokoni – Indian and British Food Shop

About six years ago Sima Shah and her husband, a young Indian couple moved to Bulgaria to start a real estate business. Longing for ingredients from home, not to be found in Bulgaria had inspired them to start Sokoni – Indian and British Food Shop.

In April 2010, they opened their a shop in Varna and offered online shopping. At first they offered a limit selection, but due to interest they broadened their product lists. Early this year, after much demand they opened their first shop in Sofia, which is still sorting out the wrinkles, such as signage and staffing, but it holds great promise.

My friends and I have found products at that we were unable to find anywhere else in Sofia, even at Andy’s Food, which for the longest time was the only option to finding British food products in Bulgaria. Some of their spice offerings, I have been looking for for some time. Even at the Middle Eastern shops, near the Ladies Market (Женски Базар) could I find black cardamon (used in Garam Masala). One of my friends as through the moon about finding real Rice Krispies to bake treats with her children.

The Shah’s are eager to share their native culture and passion for healthy food with customers by giving out free recipes, education people on the uses of different herbs and spices and an overall healthy way of living.

The shop is located in the “Student Town” area of Sofia, a bit past the Vega Hotel. At present, they do not have a sign on the exterior of the shop and the building number is not visible (at least I didn’t see it). Drive slowly and you will see it across the street from a grocery store. Sima has assured me that a sign is coming soon.

The prices are quite reasonable and their selection is expanding as demand grows. This is a wonderful shop for all you Indian and British food needs.  I am sure if there is something they don’t offer they will do what they can to accommodate your request.

Sofia: 108 Nikola Gabrovski Street
tel: +359 (0) 24436592
Varna: 20 Maria Luiza Blvd
tel: +359 (0) 885 762 542
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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

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