Слънце и Луна/ Sun & Moon: InkeTinke

While strolling through Sofia the other day, I came upon Sun & Moon: InkeTinke location that I was previously unaware of.  Unlike their flagship location on William Gladstone St., this shop lacks a restaurant, but still worth adding to your natural grocery shop repertoire.

The shop has small but varied selection of goods, juices, canned goods, herbs, pastas, sweet treats and more.

The decor is relaxed and hip, with plenty of information lining the walls with going ons around Sofia related the the natural and organic scene.

All of your stone ground grain needs will be met and then some with their vast selection. If you have visited their website you can better understand the decisions they make about the numerous nutritional benefits of choosing whole-grain bread and bread product and the stone-ground grain processing methods.

The counter sells fresh bread and other scrumptious baked treats. There are also more grocery items lining the back wall. The lady at the counter was quite helpful and willing to answer any questions that I had about the shop, bread etc…

If you feel like enjoying your baked goods in house, they have a nice little sitting area and reading room. It is quite quaint and inviting.

I really enjoyed this little coffee corner. It could probably use with less counter clutter, but I think that is why it appeals to me. It is gives this warm feeling that you are hanging out at a friends house.

For more info please visit their website or their Facebook page
Uri Venelin st. 1 (close to Shishman st.) 
tel: 0899 92 33 78 
Working time: Monday-Saturday 8.00 – 21.00H Sunday closed
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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria www.caseyangelova.com

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