Take a Cake Bakery

I have long been a fan of cupcakes.  When I first moved to Bulgaria back in 2006, I was looking for some way to engage myself.  I found it difficult to find work in the film and television industry, so I suggested to my husband to be the first person to bring the American cupcake craze to Bulgaria.  I had been reading articles about cupcake bakeries in the Middle East and other spots around the globe. I love baking, but I am not a baker, plus the thought of living in Sofia was a drag, so my cupcake idea never materialized.

Fast forward to Jan 2011, the first dedicated cupcake bakery opens it doors in Sofia, Take a Cake.  Since I have been in the US for almost a year, I am a little behind the times on the comings and goings of food places in Sofia, but a few days after their 1 year anniversary, I made my way to the shop, which is located at 1 Tulovo Street (off Blvd Evlogi Georgiev, near Eagle’s Bridge) ул. Тулово 1, 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria.

The shop is small there is a counter/cupcake case that greets you as you enter, but very little room for sitting, although they have 2 small tables, which my friend and I sat at as we enjoyed a cupcake and latte.  If you are looking for a place to sit with more than two people, or if you need to write in a notebook, this might be a bit tight. 
I ended up start with the simple vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting, which was good. They had a nice and interesting selection of flavors that changed often.  I was very satisfied with the taste and texture, my only complaint was the size.  In my opinion, the cups are under filled.  Even after baking, the cake doesn’t peek above the paper wrapper.  Whether it is cupcakes or muffins (they do both) I want a nice cap on my cupcake and a sizable muffin top.  There is something to it that I don’t think has made it to Bulgaria yet, I mean they sell baking pans that are solely for producing the tops, it is part of the allure of these tiny baked treats.
The shop is a charming alternative to some of the other baker offering in Sofia. Maybe I am being a sentimental American that has a slight infatuation with cupcakes, but I would recommend stopping by Take a Cake for a breakfast muffin, afternoon cupcake or just an anytime of the day snack attack to eat in or take out.  They also have coffee options and I enjoyed my latte. For 3 cupcakes and 2 regular latte’s the bill was about 7.50 lv. As I left, they added a Cherry Coconut cupcake to the daily offering, which I greedily took to go.
You can find their page on Facebook, so you can get updates about the daily offerings.

Zlaty, is one of the cupcake bakers at Take a Cake.  She and I became aquatinted when she worked at My Organic Market.  I think it was because of her that I found out about the bakery.  So, thank you Zlaty.

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