Winterizing the Cherries

Some of you might remember an old post about my cherry orchard. Of course I highlighted to joys of picking your own cherries straight from the tree, which is the end all reason for getting cherries in the first place in my opinion… but there needs to be some maintenance through out the year to keep those trees producing bountiful fruit.

Our 250, soon to be 300 trees are on a hillside near the Konyovo mountain on the edge of Kyustendil.  The trees are surrounded by thousands of other trees, whose care is dictated by their owners.  It is hard for us to control the outside influences, but we do our best to use the most natural care for our trees… hence the large pile of chicken manure I am shoveling into our makeshift farm vehicle.

To be honest, I only shoveled two loads, I was mainly responsible for driving the ATV… fun job right! My husband did the rest of the loading and unloading.

The cherry merriment will continue through out this weekend.  Hopefully we will have it finished by Monday, so we can get someone with a real tractor to help us till the land… and then finally, fill in the 50 missing trees.

My goal for this winter is to do some serious research into caring for cherry trees as organically as possible.  I would like to have the soil tested, so I can see what we are working with then figure out how to increase our output naturally, while boosting the flavor… maybe even buy that Brix refractometer I have been fantasizing about!

If anyone has any resources they would like to share, I would be greatly appreciative.  
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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

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