Back in Bulgaria

My adventure at the CIA has lead me back to Bulgaria.  Despite my desire to inform readers every step of the way on my 30 week journey through freshman year, I failed to keep up with the workload that it required.  I am about to begin an externship at the same place I completed my food service experience portion of the CIA admission process.  They have offered me a position, which is really quite an opportunity, while it doesn’t have the prestige of some of my other Michelin star offerings, I will really have the opportunity to experience many diverse tasks in the kitchen.  Had I chosen to go to Per Se (which has been offered to me) I would have spend 18 weeks chopping vegetables, not to say that is bad, but not where I eventually hope to be at the end of my path.

My return to Bulgaria was quite anticipated.  I was counting the moments till I was home and back with my family, who returned a week before I did.  All I could think of was tomatoes; ripe and borderline illegally delicious… We stopped at the shops on the way home from the airport for Bulgarian feta and some pink tomatoes… we had cucumbers in the garden and for anyone who has ever been in Bulgaria know that these are the makings of a Shopska Salad.  I decided that this salad would be my last meal (going to the chair… last meal), provided it was August and everything was in season.  It is so good that I don’t even need a crusty loaf of bread to sop up the juices, which if you have ever eaten a Shopska in Bulgaria, knows the delectable goodness of bread overflowing with juice… even if it can be in poor taste.

My dedication to blogging has wavered slightly but, I will do my best to be more forthcoming in my communications and I will eventually start including more photos from my kitchen endeavors and gardening exploits!

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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

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