Nathan Myrhvald’s 40lb Baby – Modernist Cuisine

Before I get into the book, I want to pause and give thanks to the wonderful man who I’ve been married to for almost 11 years.  Not many husband would support their wife, so completely that they consent to taking care of their two amazing children on another continent, while their wife pursues her passions for food.  When taking stock of the experiences that I am having, I need to reflect on the real person who made it possible; my darling husband.  I know in some posts or comments, I chide his lack of gastronomic enthusiasm, but I am foodie enough for the both of us. So, as I embrace another fantastic opportunity at the CIA, I have only him to thank! (Our family will be reunited in 54 days, when the girls finish school)

I love books.  I am a junky for those tactile passports to literary pleasure, screw Kindle, iPad, Nook and all of the other crannies. Give me something that I can hold on to, pages I can flip at my leisure or take with me in the bathtub. Oh yeah, the sixth volume a companion book is completely waterproof… perfect for the experimental kitchen/lab or some tub-time reading.

If I was a former student of Stephen Hawking, brain child of Microsoft and had 10 million dollars to play with, I would undoubtedly invest in documenting all to secrets of modernist cuisine, which Nathan Myrhvald undertook in the many odd years it took him to compile the hefty tome known as Modernist Cuisine. Now if you have shelves that can accommodate 40 pounds (18kg) of books (4 pounds (2kgs) of which is just ink) and $461 dollars (325 Euro) burning a hole in your pocket then you need to jump on the waiting list and get this book.  Yes, it is on back order.  The first 6,000 printings went like hot cakes.

While, I have not had the opportunity to peruse the book, with the exception for the slide show that Mr. Myrhvald presented and the companion magazine that they were giving out. It sounds to me like the On Food and Cooking for this generation, but filled with a visual ecstasy of images. It is like a gastronomic fun house of ideas and possibilities. Just hearing about the work that went into the books makes me full of juvenile envy. Imagine having the time and the tools to play with food on that level, oh and the mental capacity to make sense of it all.
If your library has access to this book and you are looking for some serious cooking adventures than this is the book.  Only 80% of the recipes are actually attemptable by the home cook and I think you need a sous vide machine too.  
If you noticed that the images seem to cut things in half, well that is real.  Look at some of the images above and you will see that the Modernist Cuisine team did just that.  They literally cut everything in half in the name of awesome photos.  Even if the subject matter of the book isn’t your speed.  The photos alone are worth a gander… especially if it is someone else’s dime purchasing the book!

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