Tasting Pavilion & Gala in San Francisco: Foodbuzz *UCK Yeah

Our Saturday afternoon itinerary included a Tasting Pavilion at The Metreon.  There was an incredible amount of food and beverages that were ours for the tasting. The event was overwhelming… I had no idea where to begin, so I headed away from the bottleneck of people clamoring to sample from the first few tables and made my way towards the rear and hit Alaska Seafood’s make your own fish taco (snicker) table, which was good strategic play because after about a half an hour, it was one of the busiest tables with the longest line that lasted pretty much for the entire tasting.  So, I was happy to get in early and enjoy my tacos.  The only down side was the taco shell itself, which was moist and spongy, but that was easily forgivable after tasting the rest of the toppings.
After that I wandered around a little lost for a while.  Not knowing where to start.  I was a bit disappointed with my preparedness for the festival.  I missed out on major networking opportunities, by not having business cards to give to the brands and fellow bloggers, so this was where my collage idea really started to take form.  It was my goal to have 100 photos by the end of the Tasting Pavilion, which I far excited by getting 127.  I spent the majority of the 4 hours talking to anyone and everyone and having a fabulous time doing it!  By then end of our afternoon activities my brain receptors were a buzz with faces and names.  I didn’t actually realize how exhausting and rewarding introducing yourself to strangers would be.
After the Tasting Pavilion, I headed back to the Sir Frances Drake to decompress and prepare for our Farewell Gala.  This is actually when I decided that I would cap off my collage project at 200 people.  Again, I was unprepared by not having a nice dress to wear, but that is the sacrifice you make for traveling around with only a carry-on roller and a laptop bag!  
The Ferry Building was gorgeous at night.  The façade was lit up with orange lights, which I assumed was for the Giant’s World Series victory.  The food was amazing and provided by Paula LeDuc and lovely wines by Bonny Doon Vineyard. Honesty, I didn’t imagine that a catered affair for about 350 people could be so well prepared.  The scallops weren’t rubbery and the lamb was gorgeous, juicy and tender.  I managed to get the majority of the photos I needed for the collage, knowing I could fill in some gaps at the Sunday Brunch.  The rest of the evening was dedicated to the Scavenger Hunt for which our team was victorious, but the best blog post has yet to be decided.  Right now, I think there are only 3 other people in the running, so help get the word and re-tweet (#fbzhunt) and forward to friends!  I will need that $500 travel stipend to attend next year!
This is my last post about the festival.  I am working on my collage of over 200 bloggers who were in attendance, but I have hit a road bump… I was planning on using Picasa to create the collage, but I have too many images.  I could manually put them into Photoshop, but that will take forever and I am not that familiar with Photoshop for such a large project.  If anyone has any ideas that could help me, I would appreciate it.  I want to finish the collage, so I can share it with everyone… Thinking caps on!
Thank you again to Foodbuzz and all of the sponsors for putting together a wonderful festival!
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