Berkeley Farmer’s Market: Foodbuzz *UCK Yeah!

I have arrived in San Francisco!  I am extremely excited to have had the opportunity to travel from Kyustendil, Bulgaria to San Francisco for the Second Annual Foodbuzz Festival.  Because of the great distance I had to travel, I am determined to make the most out of my experiences on the West Coast.  To ensure that I maximize my time, I arrived a day early and stayed with my friend from college the fabulous Bay Area massage therapist Whitney Moses.  While I was hoofing it towards her house, I came across the *uck Yeah! bus and for me this statement just encapsulated my feelings towards my forthcoming adventure.

While Whitney was busy with a client, her Terminally Snarky friend Jade had volunteered to be  my gracious tour guide.  She offered to drive me to BurgerMeister, so that I might rectify a certain situation where I haven’t had a decent hamburger in many moons.

The hamburger was fabulous and just what I was craving.  I had wanted to go to In N Out Burger, but I was advised that because of the time of day, I might never get to that part of town (near the Oakland Airport)
As we were cruising around Berkeley, I see a bunch of tents in the distance and I get a flutter of excitement… have I stumbled upon a farmer’s market?  Yes!  What luck!  I truly feel that there was some sort of divine hand that lead me to that point.  It turns out that this particular market is only open on Thursday from 3 – 7pm… what are the odds that I would be on Shattuck and Rose at that exact moment?
Unfortunately, for me I can’t actually go shopping at the farmers market, as I don’t live locally, but there is something serene about being surround by so much of nature’s bounty.
Stay tuned for more San Francisco adventures and Foodbuzz shenanigans!  What are some other great things to do in the Bay Area?
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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

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