Lamingtons and Pavlovas: Kiwi Delights

For those of you who don’t recall, the family and I spent 10 days WWOOF-ing on an organic garlic farm this past summer. Our lovely hosts Graeme, a New Zealander (A.K.A “Kiwi”) and Jo a Brit, run a fantastic garlic business called Tears of Orphaeus. This weekend will be Graeme’s 40th birthday and Angel and I are heading back to Dabovo to help them celebrate and we are bringing along some Kiwi (not the fruit) treats.

The party invite gave a list of tasty confections that are popular in Oceania. I decided that I was going try my hand at Lamingtons and Pavlovas. I had only had Pavlovas or “pavs” once before. My Australian friend Vanessa had made some for a party. I remember the way they tasted almost dissolving on your tongue. It was a unique dessert and because it was made from meringue, I imagined it incredibly difficult to make, but it was quite the opposite. The recipe I used was from Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, but the recipe can also be found online here.

I was a bit nervous while beating the meringue, because I was using my Kitchen Aid Mixer and though I might over work it. Looking back that I might have under whipped the meringue, which is why I didn’t have as solid of a form as the recipe indicated, but still very delicious. It was served with some of my cherry preserves and cream.
The Lamingtons were easy enough to make but the assembly was a pain in the ass. The recipe that I  found was from the Joy of Baking. I made the cake the night before and refrigerated it. I figured I would ice and roll in coconut before we left for the party, but it took forever. The recipe had suggested spooning the frosting over each side till coated completely, but I think next time it would be better to dunk and they let the excess run off, then roll in the coconut. I ended up wasting a lot of icing, even if scrapped and reused.

Read all about our New Zealand Hāngi!

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