Dark & Light Brown Sugar: Make Your Own!

Brown sugar… how come you taste so good (I am singing to the Beth Orton version; in my head) As I was rummaging through my pantry yesterday, I ran into a little bit of a dilemma. I could not find dark brown sugar, there wasn’t any the three grocery stores in Kyustendil and I didn’t have time to swing (50 ml/ 90 km) to Sofia to pick some up. I knew that you could make it at home, but I hadn’t attempted it before.
I searched a few websites to find some proportions suggestions and the most frequent ratio was 1 tbsp molasses (меласа) to 1 cup of white granulated sugar for light brown and 2 tbsp to one cup for dark brown.

I added one tablespoon first, just to see the color and the intensity, then whisked until combined.

As a base of comparison, I opened a package of Domino’s light brown sugar and the grain of the sugar crystals were finer with the Domino’s.  I think if I had used castor (UK)/superfine (US) sugar it would have been perfect.  As a quick fix, I thought that if I processed it in the food processor, it would help, but it just made the molasses start to liquify with the heat. Also, I think that 1 tablespoon was a bit much for light brown sugar.  I think a half tablespoon would give you more comparable results.
When I added the second tablespoon the color was dark and rich.  Of the cup that I made, I only needed a 1/4, so I stored the rest in an airtight jar for future use.

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