Le Fontane: Italian Food Shop

Le Fontane is not situated near some of the more popular shopping areas, but on a residential street on the other side of blvd Slivnitza.  The shop is not flash; hospital white wall,  a glass cold display case, a bunch of refrigerators, freezers and some other storage areas.  In the back of the shop you can see the entrance to the pasta making and food prep area, but you won’t find any frills.

Marc Antonio Parisi is the chef/owner/restauranteur behind Le Fontane and Ristorante Gioia has been in Bulgaria about 20 years.  He makes his own pasta, mozzarella and ricotta cheese, and traditional Italian desserts, which are all sold at Le Fontane, in addition to tasty cured meats, marinated artichokes, sea food items and more.  They don’t have a set inventory, some things change, put the staples are constant. The pastas vary in price.  Regular pastas are about 10 leva a kilo, while the filled pastas such as ravioli and tortollini are about 15 leva a kilo.

Assorted pasta
Imported Italian cheeses
Marinated Artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, baby squids and octopi
Lonza, pancetta steccata, salami etc…

They also sell some of the fantastic desserts, such as tiramisu and tiramiju for about 20 leva a kilo.  This place is worth a visit, especially if you preparing an italian feast for foodie friends and dried pasta and bags of mozzarella just won’t cut it.

Le Fontane: Italian Specialties 34 -36 “Vranya” Street (btw “Svishtov” St. & “Opalchenska” St.) Tel: +359 2 931 1965 Hours: Mon- Sat 9:00 – 20:00, closed on Sunday.

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