Healthy Living Shop: Lozenetz

I first became aware of the Здравословен Живот or Healthy Living shop while driving around on Bogatitza Street trying to avoid the Chern Vrach traffic.  I made a mental note of its location, which is easy to remember because it is situated behind Skank South Park Bar and Dinner.  While I forgot about this place for a while, I was reminded to check them out when I saw their booth set up at Sofia’s Green Days.

I had a bit of a funny incident while trying to find parking for this place, which is a big problem.  The parking situation is awful.  I managed to find a spot which was tight and on a hill so, it needed my insane parallel parking skills, but I happened to be multitasking talking on the phone and I forgot to keep my car in gear and put on the parking break… oops!  So as I am leaving the car, hanging up my phone, I see my car starting to roll down the hill… headed for a large, expensive, black SUV (a.k.a Mutri mobile), so I open the car, jump in and yank the hand break as hard as I could… narrowly avoiding and sticky situation.  I felt like I was in a movie and I was pumped with adrenaline.  Anyway… back to the shop!

The entrance to the shop is situated a little below street level, but there are plenty of signs.

They carry fresh produce, bread and other perishable items.
They also have a large selection of cosmetics and hygiene products as well as stuff for babies.
They carry Emile Henry cookware, which I am coveting.
And many varieties of flours, grains and legumes, plus other groceries such as Weet-bix and miso soup

You can find the Healthy Living shop in Lozenetz, Jilishtna Group “South Park” Bldg. 27 Kozyak Street (Behind South Park Bar and Dinner) Tel: +359 882 828 828.  They host events at the shop like wine tasting, so Become a fan on Facebook to keep up to date.

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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

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