The Ladies Market in the Spring

My first Photoshop collage… I am so freaking excited!

I don’t know what it is, but every time I decide to visit the Ladies Market it is raining.  Someone I know had mentioned to me that she found a great place for vanilla beans in Sofia, which I have been looking for, preferably cheap since, I need a lot of the for an upcoming post (…the suspense is killing you).  She had emailed me the address and wouldn’t you know it, I never bothered to write it down, so I decided to wander around and invited my friend Drini to join me.

I have a small camera, so when I know I am going wandering, I make sure to have my memory card empty and my battery full.  But even better for me was the fact that Drini, who is a fantastic artist and painter, (I encourage all of you to become fans of her work on Facebook) forgot her camera, so all the photos I will share with you about our little outing are courtesy of her.

While the goal of my trip was to find vanilla beans, I found a beautiful clay pot and some wonderful spices to help my Indian culinary journey to continue.  I want to share with you some images of our outing.

Clay pot, turmeric, dried chick peas, saffron, pistachios, nutmeg
Traditional Bulgarian ceramics
Gorgeous ceramic wares 
I am wearing the bright read jacket!
Dried herbs
Great shop! If it wasn’t raining so hard, I would have gotten the address.
Some of their bean/grainy bounty.

The area is wonderful for finding international ingredients from Asia and the Middle East, fresh seasonal produce, butcher shops and other household items.   For some useful address please check out my other posts on the Ladies Market, Liu’s Chinese Goods and Alex (Japanese/Asian ingredients)

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