Date & Zucchini Bread from Roti n Rice

I spend quite a bit of time online reading other peoples blogs, which contain many fantastic recipes, but it is almost impossible for me to try them all.  Every now and again, while reading through some of the amazing recipes, I will see that I have most of the ingredients already on hand, so I will try them.  What caught my eye this time was a Date & Zucchini Bread from Roti n Rice.

Upon doing a little research, it seams that quick breads are an American invention that evolved due to the discover of the chemical leavener pearlash during the 18th century, the precursor to modern day baking powder, but zucchinis as we know them today are a result of squash plant mutations in Italy during the 19th century.  My Kiwi friend that was at my house while I was whipping up the bread, had never heard of zucchini bread, which prompted my research to see if it was something unique to the States.

Aside from having all the ingredients on hands, I also wanted an excuse to use the cute little measuring bowls and cups from my best friend Ness in Perth.  I love cooking tools of any sort and she has these great little rubber bowls at her house and I was totally coveting them (see the little green bowls in the picture below) because the wooden bowls that I have a great for dry ingredients, but not ideal for foods with strong flavors that leach like garlic and ginger, so these little rubber bowls are awesome!  She also sent me a set of rubber measuring bowls, which are the colorful square ones on the top of the cutting board.  Thanks Ness!

Date & Zucchini Bread: Roti n Rice (Click for recipe)

Mise en place
Dry ingredients
Wet ingredients… I mixed in the nuts and dates too soon!
In the oven.
Having never had zucchini bread before the results were delicious.  It had just enough sweetness, so it wasn’t cake-like.  This will not be the last quick bread that I explore. Thanks Biren!

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