Africa Day 2010

In reading all of the posts submitted for Africa Day 2010, I was very interested to see the different relationships that people had with African cuisine.  I myself have never been to Africa and have no genealogical connection to the region, but my passion for culinary exploration has taken me down this path and I have been enjoying the ride so far.

Other participants have enjoyed the ever popular North African cuisine, but until recently hasn’t ventured outside of her comfort zone. For some, this challenge was away to recall the warm memories of a childhood favorite or a South African native, who taught herself to cook when she moved to the United Kingdom and is now reconnection with her culinary heritage. Another participant, who is well versed in African cuisine had a slew or recipes to choose from and shared with us something her friend had made for her recently or someone whose love of hot and spicy cuisine lead her to finally trying to make Kenyan food at home. Then there is someone who spent a great deal of time in Africa and was happy to have the opportunity to share with us some of her fond food memories. Finally, an African-American daunted by the task of deciding on what exactly to prepare. Thank you again everyone! Please take the time to read the posts below.

Also, a special thanks to Stella from The Witchy Kitchen for bravely attempting an African recipe without success.  I too used Recipezaar and can understand completely where the pitfalls lied.

I am thinking of hosting Portugal Day on June 10th in celebration of Portugal’s National Day.  Who is up for a change to explore Portuguese cuisine? Comment below or visit here.

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