Africa Day 2010 – Foodie Event

Thank you to everyone for your support and following along with my African culinary adventures: Tagine of Chicken with Preserved Lemons and Olives, Chicken Yassa, Chicken in Groundnut-Tomato Sauce and South African Bobotie.  Many of the comments I have received on my posts, helped to spark an idea about having a foodie event exploring the many cuisines of Africa.  For those of you who are unaware May 25th is recognized as Africa Day around the world.  This date marks the day that in 1963 that leaders of independent African nations founded the Organization of African Unity, which was replaced in 2002 and is now known as the African Union.

In celebration of Africa Day, on May 25th 2010, I urge you to join me for a collective culinary homage to numerous cultures that exist on the African continent.  Your participation is simple, on that day dedicate a post to exploring an African recipe and provide a little background information on the recipe you chose.  Please send me the link to your post by May 24th, which I will then compile into one virtual African Day celebration re-post on the 25th of May.

Please share this event with your friends and followers, as Africa is a vast continent representing innumerable tribes, ethnic and social groups.  In order for this event to successful, we should aim to showcase as many facets as possible.  In case you are wondering, why Africa, well as many of your comments pointed out, African cuisine doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

I am looking forward to your thoughts and contributions!

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15 thoughts on “Africa Day 2010 – Foodie Event”

  1. Oh My Goodness I can't wait! I must start preparing right now! Any suggestions for a cook that delights in African Cuisine but has never actually COOKED any for herself?


  2. Oh My Goodness I can't wait! I must start preparing right now! Any suggestions for a cook that delights in African Cuisine but has never actually COOKED any for herself?


  3. Carrie – I love your enthusiasm! I would check out the Congo Cookbook, which was where I began my journey. That might give you some ideas to jump off from!

    Trix – I am sure you will come up with something great! You were the first person to introduce me to Senegalese Yassa!

    Klaudia – Being that you are South African, can you post some suggestions for people who are not familiar with SA cuisine… besides Bobotie?


  4. This is cool! Do me a wee favor – make sure you come back to BlogHer Chatter and post the link on Africa Day (in case I forget to check back – I'm forgetful!)


  5. Denise – I will be back to BlogHer soon! I hope you can join us!

    Denise @ Quickies – I hope you can participate, but I am sure there will be many new discoveries.

    S. – What a great way to try a friends recipe. I find that recipes and experience gathered during our travels are the greatest souvenir.


  6. Very excited to participate. I was working in West Africa for awhile and while I do not recommend 'pounded yam', I would love to dig out some amazing recipes from Ghana. Thanks for bring attention to this!


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