Chicken in Peanut (Groundnut) – Tomato Sauce… More African delights!

This is my third African dish from the Congo Cookbook and so far it has been my favorite. The Chicken in Peanut-Tomato Sauce reminded me what would happen if chicken parmesan and satay had a baby (minus the cheese).  I loved this sauce… the chicken was an after thought, but the peanuts hit home and that could be because I made the peanut butter myself.  I love peanut butter and I take jars home in my suitcase from the States, but I though this dish would benefit from some hand ground peanut butter and I was right.

To make the peanut butter, I bought raw, de-shelled peanuts and roasted them in the oven at 450F for about 10 minutes, but watch them carefully because I burned the first batch.
I then transferred them to a bowl to cool, so they would be easier to peel.  I was fortunate enough to have my sister Emily to peel the peanuts, but she faced an up hill battle as my husband and children would graze her freshly peeled nuts.
Once the nuts were peeled, they went into the mortar and pestle to be crushed.

The crushing was rather tricky as my mortar and pestle was quite small.  I added water little by little to give it more of a paste-like texture.

Once I finished with the paste, I heated oil in my dutch oven and added the chicken in batches to ensure even browning.  The last few times I made chicken, I crammed too many chicken parts in the pan.

When all the chicken was finished, I put on a separate plate and then added the onions to the pan till soft.

When the onions were ready I added the tomato paste.

After a minute or two, I added the chicken to the sauce.

Then I added the peanut butter and water to thin the sauce.

I covered the pot and let all the flavors and chicken cook for another 10 – 15 minutes.  I served with rice, which was a new variety that I was experimenting with, but I over cooked it, so ignore the rice and focus on the delicious peanut-tomato sauce.

I look forward to experimenting with this dish with maybe pork, beef, tofu or just veggies.  If anyone has any other delicious peanut recipes, please share them!

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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

17 thoughts on “Chicken in Peanut (Groundnut) – Tomato Sauce… More African delights!”

  1. Kudo to you for making the peanut butter! That is one thing I have never done when making a groundnut stew! If you like heat, try a seeded habenero or 2 next time – they can go in when you do the onions. It gives the sauce a great depth! I love that you're making all this African food!!!


  2. Well done for making your own peanut butter, Casey! Very very impressive AND inspirational too – I was thinking of doing a chicken dish for a family lunch on Sunday, and this might be just the kind of recipe I'll try :-). Thanks!


  3. I salute you for making your own peanut butter! I'm not sure whether I want to eat if I have to do all the pounding myself…haha. I have a friend who missed peanut butter from the States so much when she arrived here…pour thing! Your dish looks very delicious. I can just imagine the wonderful flavour from the peanut sauce…mmmm


  4. Sharlene – peanut-pumkin soup sounds amazing. I might need to add it to my Thanksgiving menu. If you find it, please message it to me on Facebook. Yum!

    Thanks Sweetlife. Making my own peanut butter added to the complexity of the dish.

    Trix – I have one more African dish to add to the list and then I am done for a while. The hubby is not to happy with the flavor combinations. Thanks for the tip about the spice.

    Marta – Did you end up making this dish for your family? How did it turn out?

    Thanks Pegasus! I like exploring exotic cuisines.

    Spicie Foodie – Peanuts go good with everything.

    Bunky – I was a bit a fool making the peanut butter in that mortar, but I though it would photograph better than my food processor. I was very careful with my smashing.

    Thanks for stopping by Maryam!

    Thanks Mary! Peanut butter is one of the things that I import from the US in my suitcase. My girls love it on sandwiches.

    Thanks Cookin Canuck. I wish I could take credit for the recipe.

    Thanks Penny! It was a great work out, pounding those peanuts.

    Thanks Caveman – I made that rice again last night and it was still very sticky and somewhat over cooked. I think I need to reduce the water to rice ratio from 1:2 – 1:1.5.

    Brie – I hope you give it a try. I love this sauce.

    Thanks Mother Rimmy – I think I am going to make my own peanut butter for all peanut sauces.

    Lucky you Kitchen Masochist – The also have peanut butter available in Bulgaria, but I am partial to American brands. Although there is one brand here in Bulgaria that makes me laugh… it is called “American Maid”.


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