Tea House (Чай във Фабриката)

The entrance to the Tea House is tuck down a corridor off Georgi Benkovski, rather unassuming and easy to miss.  The sign outside is simple and modest, which is apropos of the vibe inside!

I have been going to the Tea house for a few years now.  I’ve went with girlfriends to catch up, or with couples to enjoy some evening jazz and drinks or like today, with my husband, just dropped in for an impromptu cup of green jasmine tea and a sandwich.

It was early afternoon and the place was cool, calm and collected.  Some random people were scattered at various tables.  Vibrant artwork adorned the distressed coral walls and a bit of sunshine streaked through the windows.  The music that seeped out of the speakers was relaxing and tranquil.  While I was absorbing the atmosphere I became sad that I didn’t frequent the Tea House more often.

The furniture is a mixture of old wooden chairs and broken-in couches and arm chairs the likes of your grandmother’s living room.  Their is even a curio cabinet of sorts selling cool tins and other tea drinking paraphernalia.

Originally, I went to the Tea House to see if they had and matcha powder, but they don’t carry it.  But, they have a huge variety of teas, desserts, and their food menu is growing exponentially every time I visit.  The food is tasty, healthy and many choices for those who follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle.
The Tea House also has an ever changing program of live music, which is not to be missed.  I personally an a big fan of live music in an intimate setting, but call and reserve early to ensure you get the “grandma couch”, it is arguably the best spot in the place.
Become a fan of the Tea House on Facebook, which posts updates of their music schedule and other tidbits, but this information is in bulgarian.  English and other non-bulgarian speakers would do best to call them at 0887 051 080 or just stop by to find out the monthly happenings.  They are located at 11 Georgi Benkovski Street (off Dondukov Blvd.)
ul. Georgi Benkovski 11 
Sofia, Bulgaria 1000 
tel: +359 (0) 887051080 
 Mon – Thu: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm 
Fri: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm 
Sat: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm 
Sun: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria www.caseyangelova.com

21 thoughts on “Tea House (Чай във Фабриката)”

  1. Looks like a great cafe! I love going to different cafes for sure! By the way, do you want me to send you some matcha.I can get it for really cheap at my Asian store. Let me know and I can send it to you! noellsky (at)gmail (dot)com


  2. Who runs this place? Is tea a very important drink in Bulgaria? Is the place perhaps an Asian style hipster joint? After all you chose Jasmine tea. Wow, great spot at any rate. And I love the open face sandwiches. ❤ it. You must say more about the reason for this place.


  3. Just pretend I've pulled up a chair and told you that I've awarded you the Sunshine Blog Award because I find your blog so inspiring and uplifting. You're doing a great job of sharing your world and all its scents and visual beauty, along with some really great recipes!

    The catch is, you'll have to visit me to get it.


  4. Noelle – Thank you so much for your generous offer! I might be in New York in a few week, but if that doesn't happen I will send you my address. We can do a food swap, I will find you something interesting from Bulgaria… vegan of course!

    Perke – I think I need to expand the post or do another post and interview the owner about his or her inspirations for opening a Tea House. It is a cool place.

    Thanks Mark!

    Sharlene – You rock! Thanks for the award. I left you a comment on your fantastic blog, which I am now following! I might experiment with solar cooking this summer… be ready for some questions.

    Penny – Tea is pretty big in Bulgaria, a lot of which if foraged from the surrounding forests, rose hip, wild thyme, wild flowers and varieties of mint etc… However, it is not the same as tea in Asia or the UK, mostly fruit and herbal teas.

    Sasha – Thanks it is a great place! Hopefully if I keep talking up Bulgaria, people will want to come and visit 🙂


  5. What a charming place! I enjoy going to the tea house with girl friends for afternoon tea. Is there a particular kind of tea the people in Bulgaria prefer?


  6. Kitchen Masochist – I will be sure to take you on a tour of Bulgaria if you decided to visit!

    Denise – It is quite inviting! A real gem in Sofia.

    Biren – Herbal tea is quite popular, many people actually forage in the mountains to find wild herbs, rose hips and other flora, yet with places like Tea House, more exotic varieties are entering the market.


  7. Hi,
    I just found your blog today and smelling the food stayed for a while:-)

    There's a very nice little spice shop in Sofia at Car Ivan Assen II Str #9 – there's matcha tee and lots of other treasures like natural vanilla, tonka seeds, dried fruits, spices, rice,….

    There's a facebook fan group – http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Magazin-PodpravkiSpice-Shop/189514408600?ref=ts.

    The quantities are not big, so it may happen that there is no at the moment but you may coordinate with the owner-girl first – she's quite responsive in facebook.


  8. I just found your blog – I am going to be living in Sofia next year and I was just telling my friend about a Tea House I went to in Siena, Italy (I studied abroad there and was just back last week for vacation) that I love and wanted her to see.. and then I saw your post about the Tea House in Sofia and got really excited to have somewhere similar to try. I don't even really drink tea that much, but the Tea House in Siena was such a great ambience that I liked to go anyway. I am excited to read through your blog and learn more about Sofia/Bulgaria and cooking


  9. Mara -Thank you so much for stopping by and your great tips! I might be in Sofia on Friday, so I will definitely stop by that spice shop. I have been looking for vanilla too, I am about to run out.

    Kat – It is wonderful that you are moving to Bulgaria. You will have to join us for the monthly dinner, when you arrive. A great way to make new friends and meet other foodies. Thank you for stopping by and your comments. I am going to visit your blog to read about you italian adventures.


  10. This place…I love it! Can't wait to try it. I have visited a similar place, Veda House, but this one's open at night AND best of all, has live music!!! Thanks for posting!!


  11. Hey Casey, I am just perusing your blog entries.
    This tea house sounds very quaint-we don't have stuff like this around here, as people just aren't into it. I wish we did…
    By the way, I really admire the way you left for Europe so young to do what you wanted!


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