I am not much of an Indian connoisseur, but I know what tastes good. Back when I was in college, there were these two girls that lived in the dorms on my floor, which shared a community kitchen and they were always cooking with curry. During those times, I was still living in my culinary bubble, so I found the smell repulsive.

About two years ago, some friends had taken me to Taj Mahal, it was my first time trying Indian food. They did all the ordering and it was great! Since that first experience, I have been trying the Indian food all over Sofia: Ramayan (which I am currently boycotting because they owe money to the Sofia Insider’s Guide), Saffron and well that’s about it, let me know if there are some other interesting gems I am missing.

We started with the mixed appetizers, which had vegetable and lamb samosas and vegetable and chicken pakoras, served with an intensely green mint sauce. They were extremely tasty. I have never had pakoras before, but I am adding them to my list of things to learn how to make.

When I eat Indian, I tend to veer towards dishes that have no chili peppers , , meaning that I am boring… I know… very boring.

My Chicken Curry

Plain and Buttered Nan
Two other people at the table ordered Lamb Massala, which I decided to try and it was delicious.  The flavors were intense and the lamb was so tender it just melted in your mouth. It was not only amazing, but it marked a graduation of sorts for me.  I am ready for 1 chili pepper dishes.  

Lamb Massala
Here are some of the other dishes that were tried:

Aloo Chat

Shahi Paneer


Unknown Vegetarian dish with Cumin Rice
Overall the dinner was a success.  I will become a frequent visitor to Kohinoor. A new goal for 2010 is to move up the heat scale to 2 ,,The only off thing was the color of the mint sauce, they some how used the sauce as inspiration for the restaurants decor, since the painted the walls to match!

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9 thoughts on “Kohinoor”

  1. Yum-yum. And love the matching walls! My daughter enjoys Indian food so much that she has all the spices. It can be very light and delicious, and I suggest everyone give it a try. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I can't wait to try it! I am very keen to find out where to buy garam masala, other Indian spices, in Sofia…any suggestions? I am just about out of that which I brought from the States. 😦


  3. Indian food is great, and so much more varied and diverse than I think a lot of people realize. Good for you for wanting to move up the heat scale! Two great blogs you should check out of you're interested in learning about it and making your own are KO Rasoi and the Colors of Indian Cooking. Great stuff there!


  4. Any Indian food cooked in a conventional oven or slow cooker can be cooked in a solar oven. I'm not familiar enough with the foods and their preparation to give you a more precise answer but that should get you started!


  5. Thanks Trix – I am looking to start cooking more Indian at home. I will definitely check out those blogs!

    Sharlene – I would love to read a post about your adventures in Indian solar cooking!


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