When I make trips to Sofia, I like to plan my trip to involve at least one meal out and Hamachi was the next on my list! I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I always like to try things myself before I sign off.

The restaurant had a great vibe. I liked the colors, or lack there of and the décor. We sat in the back room, which looked like and outdoor space that had been enclosed with walls. There was an evergreen tree growing right through the roof, which looked cool, but if you felt the needles they were very dry and in desperate need for some water.
I rarely order anything but sushi at Japanese restaurants and miso soup. The miso soup had nice flavors and textures, although I think the shiitake mushrooms could have been rehydrated better, since I doubt they were fresh.
And finally, I ordered my sushi, their selection was pretty basic, I selected the Nordic futomaki, California futomaki, Japanese omlette futomaki, tofu futomaki and mango hosomaki.  
As usual with most sushi restaurants in Sofia, (if I am incorrect about this statement please tell me because I would be very excited to eat somewhere that serves sushi freshly prepared.) they pre-make their sushi and slice you off the quantity you desire, but you have no idea how long it has been sitting around. As you can see from the pictures, they opt for the chunks of vegetables rather than the julienned variety. In my opinion, chunks of hard veggies such as carrots throw of the balance and texture of the sushi.  You are distracted by the crunch. Also, the rice was a bit too al dente for my taste or the pieces were just too cold from being in the fridge for God knows how long!
Hamachi’s sushi isn’t great, not that the competition is any better. If you are looking for a nice place to eat in Lozenetz, give it a whirl or even better… learn how to make your own sushi or have friends over for a sushi party… make sure to invite me! 
P.S I liked the anime/manga wallpapered bathroom.
P.P.S Although the white tree makes me sad and if I go again, I am pouring some water on it!

3 Orfey St. (Lozenetz) 
Sofia, Bulgaria
Hours Mon – Sun: 11:30 am – 12:00 am 
 Phone +359 (0) 88 4262244, +359 (0)89 4262244
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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria www.caseyangelova.com

5 thoughts on “Hamachi…”

  1. they are rolled nicely, but that's just maki. and maki is not quite sushi. you don't eat nigiri? how about sashimi and temaki? it'd be good to see what they do to the standard suchi fare in sofia, what kind of fish and other sea creatures they have.


  2. Thanks Perke – I stick to the maki because I feel it is the safest. I usually limit my raw fish intake in Bulgaria, because most of the fresh fish comes from Greece and the borders have been closed for a few weeks due to farmers strikes. When I am back in the US you need to show me where the real sushi is at! Most of the fish here is trout, bass or catfish-esq and these little sea fish that are deep fried whole that Angel loves.
    Thanks Sharlene – I have a pretty strong stomach, but I keep my expectations low and hope for the best!


  3. Thanks Trix, I love making my own and it definitely tastes better, but sometimes you get lazy and end up and an inferior establishment… whining about crap sushi! I want sweet potato tempura sushi next! I just need to be able to eat fried food again!!!


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