Flour tortillas… for tortilla pie!

I am trying to simplify my dinner recipes because sometime, if you couldn’t tell, I make things a little too complicated.  Aside from choosing recipes that are less labor intensive, I am trying to plan meals weekly rather than relying on primal cravings.  While in Australia, Ness introduced me to this great shop called kikki.K, which has amazing stationary and organizational tools.  They have this meal planner pad, which beside having a great look, is something to get me thinking ahead.
While surfing the web, I came across a cluster or recipes on Martha Stewart.com about meatless comfort food… lasagna, casserole, macaroni and cheese, tortilla pie… Normally I don’t go vegetarian because my husband doesn’t consider something a meal unless there is meat.  Maybe it is a Bulgarian thing… I don’t know.
So, tonight I am going to prepare Tortilla and Black-Bean Pie, which is pretty straight forward, but I don’t have tortillas readily available in Bulgaria, so I will have to whip some up.  Thankfully, there is a wonderful site called Homesick Texan and they have a recipe for flour tortillas, where you don’t need any lard or shortening.
This was the third time that I have made these tortillas and the first time I used only all-purpose flour.  The result were the best yet.  I still have trouble getting them perfectly round, but I am not that anal.
Combine dry ingredients
3/4 cup warm milk & 2 teaspoons vegetable oil
Combine oil with dry ingredients
Slowly add the warm milk and whisk
You will have a loose stick ball, knead for 2 minutes on a lightly floured surface ( I used cornstarch)
Let rest for 20 minutes covered with plastic wrap
Divide into 8 even-ish pieces and let rest again covered with plastic wrap
Roll out to a thin circle
Cook in a hot skillet and watch it, only a few seconds depending on how thin you rolled it
Flip and cook a few seconds more
Transfer to a paper towel and cover with another one or the steam will make them soggy.

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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria www.caseyangelova.com

27 thoughts on “Flour tortillas… for tortilla pie!”

  1. I love making tortillas! I made a couple of times but my recipe had butter instead of oil. I might try with oil next time, seems lighter. I managed to make them round by cutting them with a small bowl. The pan I have is small so it helps. I don't think they make cookie cutters that big…


  2. My hubbs LOVES making tortillas, though he uses the pre-mixed flour. I avoid making anything that requires me to roll it into a round… I have to say, square tortillas taste just as good.


  3. Wow! Thanks everyone for the amazing comments! I would like to perfect my whole wheat variety… maybe sun dried tomatoes or spinach???? Stay tuned!

    Jennifer – Thanks for the flat bread tip, I will try that.

    Viviane – Good call on cutting them with a round. I might use a small bowl and trace around the edges with my knife after they are cooked.

    Kitchen M – They are expensive and difficult to find in Bulgaria too! Don't be intimidated by the dough, especially if there is not yeast. This is a great recipe, so you should have no trouble… unless you want the tortillas perfectly round. (see Viviane's suggestion)

    ChefYourself – Beside flour their is only baking powder and salt for dry ingredients, so he could easily make his own pre-mixed flour… maybe give it as gifts?

    Caveman Cooking – You are lucky in So Cal, I am sure you can find some Latina Grandma or pa that can take tortillas to a whole new level. I am one of the expats that needs to be creative to satisfy urges. Give them a try!

    Dimitry – I think this dough is straight forward and you will be glad you gave it a try!!

    Bonnie – I am going to attempt corn tortillas this summer. I want to make my own masa, so I want to wait for an abundance of corn!

    Erin – Living in Bulgaria has forced me to make more things from scratch, but homemade tortillas have a bread-y taste, sometimes the ones in bags have that plastic smell/taste!


  4. Hi Casey….I live in New York and you can buy tortilla's on every corner here, however I have always wanted to make my own well(and I'm a chef)I make them OK, but never seem to perfect them,I like your step by step approach and I you have insired me to give them another go !! great post


  5. I always wanted to make my own tortillas. They just haven't gotten to the top of the list yet. Yours look wonderful. There is really nothing that compares to fresh made, in my opinion. i better move those tortillas up on the list!


  6. I saved this recipe to try for a tailgating party this Sat. Plan to use them to wrap shredded chipotle roast. I will let you know how they turn out. Wish me luck, I have never made my own tortillas but hate the no taste ones from the grocery store


  7. Thank you Casey! After 13 years in BG, I finally have a tortilla recipe that is easy to make at home. We followed Homesick Texan's adapted recipe only using olive oil instead of sunflower/corn oil and they turned out perfect. Still not as good as the real ones in TX or CA, but darned closed enough for my belly. 🙂

    We did turkey fajitas & lime margaritas tonight. Yum!!!


  8. Bill – Congratulations on the success! Despite the absence of lard, the flavor of fresh tortillas are far superior to any packaged product available in Sofia. I am quite interested in where you found the turkey. I am only aware of whole frozen birds. Is that what you used? Please share!


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