The Ladies Market/ Женски Базар

There are still so many things that I don’t know about Sofia, but when I have the opportunity, I like to explore new areas, especially if they have anything to do with food or cooking.  Awhile back, when I first checked out Liu’s, I became aware of the area around the Ladies’ Market, which runs along Stefan Stambolov Boulevard, around Pirotska Street. Fortunately for me, I went on a rainy day.

These mushrooms looked delicious, but which sort they are?

I need to find out things to do with persimmons.

Rows of beautiful bounty

Aside from all the fresh produce available, there are a bunch of interesting shops that line Stefan Stambolov street and the smaller streets in the vicinity.  What I found interesting were the meat shops, because never have I seen in Bulgaria, so many food shops that were specially designated to a particular product.  There were at least 3 butchers on one block, but of the three just one of them had a line out the door. For me this wasn’t a sure sign that the quality of the meat actually inside the shop was high. Angel once told me a saying about Bulgarians and lines.  It was something along the lines that during the communism, if you saw a line get on it because they usually have something good waiting on the other end… bread, bananas, oranges, meat… But that is not enough for me to get on the line.  I should have just asked someone what they were waiting for, but I didn’t.  I regret that now.
Alcohol shops that give a new meaning to B.Y.O…. Bottle?

Also, Lyubov had given me some directions about to find some middle eastern shops, where I could find some spices, such as cardamon pods, which I ended up purchasing in Perth and smuggling home in my suitcase… as I do with many things in my pantry. Anyway, I managed to find two shops, which had some really interesting stuff.  The majority were pantry items and spices.  My cardamon pod mission was a success! I am not sure of the exact address’ of these shops as the cashier inside were typically Bulgarian and were bothered by the fact I entered their shop and interrupted them chatting on the cellphone, but I did manage to find a number on the building in the picture on the right.  The Super Market Beruit on the left was very close to the latter.
 Super Market Beruit  “Stefan Stambolov” № 40

Nameless Shop “Stefan Stambolov” Street. № 38
Turning a corner onto a small street, I found this Bio/Organic shop.  The selection was slim as they only had a handful of products on the shelves, but they had organic echinacea caplets, for boosting your immune system.  This was one of the first time I have seen echinacea in Bulgaria, aside from my garden.
You can find the Algo-Radoct Shop for Wholesome Food on “Tzar Samuel” Street № 111, but if you have some time… a stroll is definatly in the area around the Ladies’ Bazaar, which is a terribly sexist name, but I will make some concessions just for the novelty of the items I can find there. If you have any other suggestions for worthwhile food areas in Sofia, give me a shout!

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Author: caseyangelova

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6 thoughts on “The Ladies Market/ Женски Базар”

  1. I've been reading through your recent entries; what an adventure you're having! I had to google Bulgaria to see where you were, all I knew without Wikipedia was Eastern Europe. I was recently in Poland, but I see that you're much further south.

    Best Wishes!


  2. Lois B – Thanks for stopping by! I frequently need to dole out some geographical knowledge about BG's location. It adds to the mystique!

    Terry – While I am not a KFC fan, after a big night, you will find my bright and early at the McD's drive through, when I am in Sofia. Double cheeseburgers are a fantastic cure to what ails ya'!


  3. That was an interesting read. Would love to visit Bulgaria sometime. Also, hoping you would post some bulgarian delicacies. Do visit my blog for some interesting recipes:)



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