Cru Restaurant in Sofia, Bulgaria

This was the third time that I have visited Cru in the last few months.  It is a unique little gem tucked away on Tzar Ivan Asen Street, off Patriarch Evtimi.  I heard about it through the grapevine then read a blurb in The Sofia Insider’s Guide, which intrigued me.

I love the fact that they serve not just tofu, but quinoa and tempeh, which are two ingredients that I have never seen on a menu in Sofia (I know there are some other vegetarian restaurant in Sofia i.e. Dream House and Kibea).  I am not a vegetarian or a vegan, but I like to have a health food alternative that is served in a good atmosphere. The menu changes everyday, which I like because it forces me not to get stuck in the “I order the same thing every time I go there” rut.

The food is good, not great, but good.  The first time I was there I had a burrito, which was great.  I would order it next time it is on the menu for sure, but the last time I was there, I ordered tempeh with chipotle and quinoa.  The flavors were good, but there was something off balance.  The tempeh was dry and so was the quinoa, but also it was rather heavy, the amount of protein in the tempeh and the quinoa is quite high, so it needed some vegetables or something.

If I were to alter this recipe, I would do something like jazz up the quinoa to make it more like a salad and less like a side.  There is an amazing pink grapefruit quinoa salad that I found on the Food Network’s website.  Usually the recipes I find on their site suck, but this one was surprisingly tasty and a bit addictive, especially since I don’t usually eat grapefruits. Using that recipe as a guideline, I would keep with the chefs tendency towards orange and replace the grapefruit.  I think the end result will be more balanced.  If the result is too sweet with the oranges, than maybe go with the grapefruit.

I will definitely be returning to Cru eager to try something new next time I am in Sofia.  Anyone care to join me?

Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

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