Slow Food: Terre Madre Day Celebration 2009

I have been slightly obsessed with cooking and food related books. Upon my readings, I discovered Alice Waters and the Slow Food movement. Many of the philosophies that I have about cooking and growing my own food are very much in line with Slow Food, so I joined the organization and was pleasantly surprised that they had a few convivia in Bulgaria.

December the 10th is known as Terra Madre around the world. There are seven pillars of Terra Madre Day:
  1. Access to good, clean and fair food
  2. Agricultural and food biodiversity
  3. Small-scale food production
  4. Food sovereignty
  5. Language, culture and traditional knowledge
  6. Environmentally responsible food production
  7. Fair and sustainable trade

I contacted the regional coordinator of Slow Food in Bulgaria, Dessislava Dimitrova and she let me know that the convivium was organizing a tasting dinner at Vishnite restaurant in Sofia, prepared by Chef Valeri Neshov.
The guests of honor were two locally produced cheeses: Cherni Vit green cheese and Rhodope beaten cheese. The menu incorporated these cheeses into each course.

Here was the menu:
Salad: Fresh vegetables seasoned with olive oil and *Rhodopi beaten cheese from Smilyan village, served with Chateau de Val, Sauvignon Blanc 2008
Starter: Spinachbombwith *Cherni Vit Green cheese served in krokmach sauce from Rakita village and garnished with confit tomato and olive oil, served with Ivo Varbanov, Harmanly Rose 2008

Main course: Chicken filet with nuts, dried fruits and *Cherni Vit Green cheese served with pear and bramble sous, served with Meliya, Shiroka Melnishka, Rose 2008

Cheese platter: Cheese varieties produced by the Bulgarian Slow Food Convivia and Presidia, served with Dragomir Pitos, 2006

Dessert: Chocolate mouse with Cherni Vit Green cheese, served with Homemade Sour Cherry (Vishnite)

Everything was delicious! I was really excited about trying something new, plus meeting new Bulgarians that shared my passion for food and wine. We were lucky to have Liya Stoilova, a sommelier as one of the guests, so it was exciting to experience new Bulgarian wines.

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Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

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