Back at the Hilton

It was nice to be back at work yesterday. I had missed a lot at the Hilton, while I was away, the Belgium Festival, Beaujolais Nouveau, Thanksgiving etc… I was welcomed back warmly, even the Chef missed me, but I think that is because of my innate talents. The Chef had assigned me a specific duty, one of the most important in the kitchen I might add!
Yes, I am one of the tallest people in the kitchen, so that and my OCD helps to keep the plastic storage bins need and orderly.
While, I was away the job had fallen to Lyubov, who as you can see doesn’t posses my innate talents.
She is on her tippy toes!
Aside from our regular duties, we also had time for a polenta demonstration by “big bird”. The polenta is served with wild boar is on the new Season’s menu.
I am going to experiment with some polenta soon. I like the fact that it can be cut into different shapes. I can do something with that!

Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

2 thoughts on “Back at the Hilton”

  1. what a great idea, boar and polenta. had some boar stew louisiana style and with delicious home made pasta. my friends went of out they way to make it. i think for a big party they held, it'd have been a better idea to make polenta instead.


  2. I agree that the polenta would have went nicely with the stew. I had a great wild boar/venison stew baked in a big pumpkin with lots of autumn veggies. It was amazing, but I can never eat it again. At least I have the memories!


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