Fremantle Market, Western Australia

I am a big fan of farmers markets. I used to love to roam about the Union Square Market in New York, especially during fall, when they would have the warm apple cider. So, when my friend Vanessa asked me what I wanted to see in Perth, I said the farmer’s market. The best one happened to be in Fremantle or “Freo”.

I particularly loved that it was a full-on shopping experience. They served some interesting street food, like Thai Coconut Balls, which were rice, coconut milk, corn, scallions and some other stuff and absolutely delicious.
There was some crazy lady trying to sell us coffee in a stall near the Thai Coconut Ball table, she said that they were disgusting and that she would see people spitting them out in the trash. The reason I think she was crazy was twofold: one, they were delicious and two, that is the worst way to try and drum up coffee sales.
The Thai Coconut Ball place also ice cream in this weird device. I regret now that I didn’t try one.
I was also very excited by the unfamiliar items, like the custard apple. It doesn’t look like an apple and Vanessa said it wasn’t used for custard. Huh?

While strolling with Vanessa through the crowded Freo Market, I never thought that I would stumble across yet another reason why I love living in Bulgaria. Cheap Cherries or in my case… FREE!

The most shocking thing about this picture is not the $24.90 AU ($22.50 US) price, but the fact that these were the cheapest cherries I saw the entire trip. In some places the prices were over $30 AU ($27.20), which in my estimation is ridiculous. You must really love cherries to pay those prices.

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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

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