22 hours in Singapore

I really wanted to make the most of our trip “down under”, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore Singapore (via layover), which was described to me as “Asia for beginners”, which is perfect because Angel and I are beginners.

In October, the NY Times was nice enough to have a slew of articles about Singapore’s dining and nightlife. The dinning article was particularly exciting to me and I was determined to try out one of the new restaurants. Unfortunately, we were going to be there for dinner on Monday night and my top two choices were both closed.

We did however have the opportunity to meet up with some friends of ours who have been living in Singapore for seven years, so they lead us to Jumbo’s for some delicious seafood and New Zealand Sauvingon Blanc. Angel and I let them do the ordering, so we could truly experience something new.

I have to admit, I was a little intimidated by the Asian dinning experience. At the table, was a spoon, chop sticks, bowl of water with lemon and a wet nap. I was finally beginning to feel comfortable with European dinning etiquette, but this was a whole new can of worms. Thank god for Louie and Jane or Angel and I would have been lost. It was OK to eat with your hands, but I assume they meant for only your fingers to get dirty. I was covered in sauce up to my wrist. I was unable to fit my entire hand it the bowl of water with lemon, but I did try!

Feel free to comment on just how sexy I am in my bib!
Our dinner at Jumbo’s:

Sea Bass Deep-fried Nonya Style
being carved by one of our lovely servers.

Scallops with Sweet Potato/Yam crust

Chili/Black Pepper/Pepper and Spiced Salt King Crab

Deep Fried Squid
The next day, we woke up late and were unable to sample some yummy street food at the Newton Hawker center. I was very eager to try the hairy crab, as it was in season. We did however get to make it to Wild Rocket’s, which was one of the NY Times restaurants I was looking forward to trying. I was really excited about everything on the menu. I tried to order things that were completely foreign to me. Angel wasn’t so bold, sticking with the salmon, but everything was delicious nonetheless. Our lunch at:
Blue Summer Crab Congee Soup with Egg Emulsion

Chilean Sea Bass Chai Poh Garlic Confit with Chicken Congee

Crispy Skin Salmon with Crab meat and Scallion Mash

The Chef – Checking reservations…

Pandan Infused Panna Cotta with Gula Melaka
Before heading to the airport we stopped at The Long Bar in Raffles for the famous Singapore Sling. The place was a total tourist trap, but at least I can say I had $24 cocktail and was encourage to throw my peanut shells on the floor… oh and the peanuts were free!
The Singapore Sling is not the devil’s drink, but it is wickedly sweet!
Check out the peanuts on the floor!
I am very eager about my next Asian destination, which might be Thailand sometime in the next year or so… hopefully with Ness and Grant. I am not holding my breath, but keeping my fingers crossed.

Looking forward to comments!

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4 thoughts on “22 hours in Singapore”

  1. Chili crab is wonderful!

    You're right, your time in Singapore wasn't enough if you want a full culinary adventure. If you ever have the chance to go there again, try laksa and beef rendang. I probably gain about 6-10 lbs (13-22 kg) everytime I go to Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok.


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