Go to Amigo’s Restaurant in Sofia for friends not for "comida" (that’s Spanish for food)

I was extremely hesitant when I first heard about “Amigo’s Tex-Mex restaurant in Sofia”. There were groups of ex-pats raving about the place and then a quite minority who revealed some inadequacies about the food and other things. Upon entering the place I could see the appeal to the ex-pat crowd, which is exactly who this place is for ex-pats and some curious Bulgarians who are friends with ex-pats.

I had read a review in the Sofia Echo, which was obviously written by someone who has never in her life had mexican or tex-mex cuisine for that matter. The only valid point she raised was how to clean the blankets/table cloths that cover all the tables.
You get chips and salsa when you arrive at the table, which is customary in Tex-Mex joints. The corn chips were apparently home made, as was the salsa. One: the chips were so hard that I had to eat them carefully to avoid the possibility of puncturing my gums. Two: I was impressed that the salsa actually contained cilantro, but it was so salty that my lips started to burn. Not a promising start.
Now to the main course, a burrito, I took a gamble and went with the beef, only because I heard great things about their beef. Giant mistake, not only was the burrito fried, closer to a chimichanga than a burrito, but it tasted like cheeseburger helper with wilted lettuce wrap in a tortilla with way too salty salsa and what has to be the worst guacamole ever! Let me just touch on the inadequacies of the guacamole. There was absolutely no flavor. In Sofia, where all the necessary ingredients are readily available there is no excuse to sell such crap! I don’t want to kick Amigo’s when they are down but, the refried beans, as my one friend described looks exactly like baby diarrhea.
The adventurous woman that I am took a gamble on the fried ice cream. Which was cinnamon cornflakes on a rock hard vanilla ice ball. Tah Dah!
I bet you thought I was joking about the corn flakes. To be fair to the presentation. It did look better when it arrived. I tried to put the spoon into the “ice cream” and it shot off the plate.
The bottom line is this: if you want to have a delicious meal than go somewhere else, but if you want to hang out with some friends get drunk and then snack on ridiculously overpriced crap than Amigo’s is your destination because you would need to be intoxicated to recommend it to a friend.

Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria www.caseyangelova.com

8 thoughts on “Go to Amigo’s Restaurant in Sofia for friends not for "comida" (that’s Spanish for food)”

  1. Hi Lydia,

    If you are a journalist by profession than should subscribe to something called journalistic integrity, which means you should be honest in the review you write for the paper that pays you, not defend yourself and convey your true feelings in a blog that call you out. If you used the terms “un-authentic and poor quality” in your actual review… I don't think that we would be having this discussion.

    As far as taking into account someone's livelihood, I don't know who is the bigger fraud: The Sofia Echo or the owners of Amigo's? Please tell me is it better to write a false review of a restaurant to satisfy the owner or write a truthful review to protect your readers that depend your paper and value the information they pay for to be fair and honest.

    You are taking this matter entirely too personal. I you are going to be a writer it might be best to develop a thicker skin… especially if you are working for a paper that encourages deception.



  2. *** I am reposting the comment that was left by Lydia Dimitrova, which she deleted. My response doesn't make much sense unless you read what she actually wrote:***

    “Hi Casey,
    I am the one who wrote the Sofia Echo review on Amigos. To begin with I lived in Los Angelels for 10 years, entirely integrating in the way of life there. So I can safely say that I know Mexican food in the same manner as someone who has live in NY, if not more. My true opinion of Amigos is that they must lower their price to 2 leva per burrito, to match the un-authentic and poor quality, or really get their act together and craft some genuine mexican food to match the high prices. I went to the restaurant three times, and every time was a bit different, one time the chips were great, the next they were stale and too hard as you mentioned.

    But the newspaper has policies, of writing honestly, while also taking in to account that this is someones livelihood. Therefore I can't just write an entirely bad review. So I tried to focus on the positive, while also including the main problem (spices), which another southern Californian friend felt was the main problem too.
    In conclusion I hope you can see my review of Amigos, in it's correct manner, and not just criticizing me without merit.”


  3. I agree. Writing deceptive reviews only makes the Sofia Echo seem like an unreliable source. Either way, it's sad to hear that Amigo's is not all that it claims to be. I know many people in Sofia who would thoroughly enjoy a good Mexican restaurant.

    Great review Casey! I love the pictures.


  4. I think Amigo's can still be a good restaurant, but they need to focus on the food. The majority of the ingredients are available in Sofia, they just need to work on the recipes. Unfortunately, these are things that are done before you actually open the restaurant. It is hard to keep customers if you used them as guinea pigs!


  5. The Sofia Echo provides to all staff and freelance contributors a detailed set of guidelines on writing restaurant reviews; detailed to the extent of running to just more than 1000 words and covering all aspects of such reviews. These guidelines include the issue of negative reviews, which The Sofia Echo’s policy is to accept as permissible provided as long as they are “accurate and fair” in the words of the guidelines. Reviewers are advised to ensure that their reviews are properly researched – in terms of the number of visits and exploration of the menu – so as not to expose reviewers to allegations of bias or favouritism. The Sofia Echo firmly rejects any allegations of being deceitful, misleading or dishonest in reviews. Finally, reviews submitted by staff or freelancers are received in good faith as the reviewer’s honest assessment of a restaurant, and The Sofia Echo’s policy is anything but to instruct a writer to slant a review one way or the other. — Clive Leviev-Sawyer, Editor-in-Chief, The Sofia Echo


  6. Thank you for your comments about the Sofia Echo's restaurant review policies. My comments were in no way meant to defame The Sofia Echo, but to point out, that Lydia, the writer of the article, wrote a false review of Amigo's and her comments on my blog illustrate her true opinion, which was that the food was “un-authentic and of poor quality”. The blame in the situation falls entirely with her and not with the Sofia Echo.


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