Liu’s Chinese goods in Sofia!!!!

Being from New York you grow accustomed to having every imaginable type of cuisine available to you and in most cases, delivered to your door in about 30 minutes. Moving to Bulgaria 3 years ago (yes, it has been that long) has made me realized that those services being offered by such establishments as Golden Kitchen, JJ’s Fusion Kitchen and Sushi Bar and Thai Angel should have been cherished and not merely a menu shoved in a drawer.

As most expats in Sofia know or are oblivious to is the quality of the Asian food. It… well… sucks! The sushi is usually pre-made and you are served 2 lumps of rice, fish and veg for about 5 leva. The chinese food is made with spaghetti! Plus the items are “bulgar-ized” to suit the tastes of the Bulgarians.
While I am not quite a master or even consistently competent in cooking asian cuisne, I do try to achieve maximum results, which is why I have sought out the reluctant Asian food store in Sofia. After my triumphant sushi experience, Lyubov from the Hilton, was able to provide me with the approximate location of this magical store after I complained about stuffing my luggage with mirin, hoisin sauce and star anise.
So here it is… Liu’s – Shop for Chinese Goods Pirotska Street No. 18 (Tzar Samuel Str.) Tel: 02 981 53 29
I am making some kampyo sushi this weekend thanks to Liu’s. Enjoy!
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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

2 thoughts on “Liu’s Chinese goods in Sofia!!!!”

  1. I was really surprise that it existed because I have been paying substantially more for certain items at Piccadilly. The only draw back is that the packages are either written in some asian script or bulgarian. You need to know what you are looking for.


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