My Sad Little Garden

I have finally got my act together (somewhat) and took a few snap shots.  These are of things in my garden, which are not many. Working till July kind of left me without much time to give my patches some TLC.

I would have to say the things that are growing the best are my echinacea flowers, but they are pretty self-sufficient, although I could use some peony rings to keep then from slumping.

and then my thyme plants, which I have 4.
This was also the first year that I was able to use some of the seed that I saved from last year, namely pumpkins and corn. With the pumpkins, I have had some mild success, but they are not as large as I expected, but at least there are more than last year.
In one of my earlier posts, I complained about the cost of asparagus, so I am growing some in my garden but, unless you are growing from existing crowns it takes years to grow from seed, so here’s my one asparagus plant grown from seed. I hope to enjoy some of its bounty in a year or two. Yum.

I am also growing some bell peppers, which I hope will be assorted colors like the seeds packet suggested. I am rooting for purple, but I don’t think I am that lucky. These plants were traumatized in their earlier days, by having their leaves stripped to the stems by some faceless predator. Miraculously, they just kept on growing and managed to make something of themselves.

The same predator also victimized my green beans, but they too have come around. Every few days I get a handful of beans, which I just toss into things.

Hopefully, I will have more success with my fall crops, since I have the time for some proper love.

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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria

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