It makes your pee smell funny!

For those of you that don’t live in Bulgaria, asparagus can cost anywhere from 10 – 12 leva ($7.50 – $9.00) per pound.  I am not familiar with the cost in the US, but for me that is rather pricy for the grocery store.    To my surprise, I found a bunch of asparagus in Kaufland Kyustendil for 3.99 leva ($2.75) and they didn’t look miserable, which is the case sometime.

In my quest to start cooking seasonally, I researched a bunch of asparagus recipes from my girl Martha.  The first was a Spring Chicken Ragu, I won’t deny that the flavor were good (thanks chicken stock), but it was not what I expected.  It wasn’t a soup or a stew, but it seemed like pot pie filling that needed the pie.  I would make it creamy… maybe add a roux or something to give it a bind!  I think if you adjust this recipe to become a pot pie or even a quiche, it would give it some additional character.  If you are health conscious, keep it the same and add a starch… maybe brown rice? But if you like fat and calories, go with my suggestions.
For lunch on Wednesday, I made Asparagus Soup with a nice fresh loaf of bread!  It was good. Even my kids ate it… Actually, they made it.  I prepared the ingredient’s (yeah mise en place) and told my oldest daughter Maya (5) when to add them and when to stir.  The only thing I didn’t let her do was blend with the hand mixer, which really pissed her off.  My youngest daughter Boryana (3), she was in charge of blanching the asparagus tips.  I was surprised that they both finished an entire bowl of soup.  Maybe it was because they helped prepare it or they wanted a Dannonino (mouth-size servings of Dannon yogurt) for dessert. 

I will try to whip up a few more asparagus recipes before Angel (husband and guinea pig # 1) starts to protest, like he did when butternut squash was in season!

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