Kenny Shopsin….?

I just finished reading Eat Me: The Food and Philosophy of  Kenny Shopsin.  I ordered it on a whim from Amazon because I am obsessed with non-fiction cooking books and it had good reviews.  If any one has read it I am eager for your thoughts.  He intrigues me and scares me all at the same time.  He has policies at his restaurant that he will just kick you out if he doesn’t like you and tell you to fuck off.  Also, you can’t order what you neighbor orders or you are kicked out. But he has over 900 items on his menu, who wouldn’t want to have that kind of variety at your finger tips.

He makes things like mac and cheese pancakes with Vermont maple syrup, which sound like something you eat when you high, but still kind of tasty.  Click the link to see the video of Kenny Shopin making the mac & cheese pancakes.

Even though he seems abrasive, I like his concepts about food.  His philosophy about cooking and eating.  As someone with a problem with authority, his my way or the highway attitude is something I can say I would like to incorporate into my culinary endeavors.  Other than that some of his methods make me cringe… frozen food, Aunt Jemima pancake mix, store-bought stock base…

While driving home… his philosophy of cooking got me to thinking about breaking down food elements and reconstruction them.  I love mac and cheese with ground beef, plus pancakes with bacon, so I would like to suggest mac and cheese with hamburger and bacon pancakes with maple syrup.  Some of you might be disgusted, but for the hell of if, I think I will give it a whirl and document with photos. Stay tuned.

I wouldn’t call him a chef by any means, but I want to check out his restaurant. I will back in NYC in July and have some culinary oats to sow.   If anyone has an experience with him please share.  I would like to avoid being tossed to the curb in search of eclectic goodness.

Check out his book.  It is an interesting read.
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