I need Pad Thai.

During my last job in NY, I developed a serious love for Thai food.  I was a Thai virgin about 3 years ago, until some co-workers got me turned on to the goodness that is Thai…  They started me off with Chicken Pad Thai and I was hooked. So then, I ordered Pad Thai from every Thai place that would deliver to our SOHO office and narrowed my choice to Thai Angel. I ordered from there sometimes twice a week. When I went back to NY, I couldn’t wait to eat Thai. In June, Angel and I even went back to Thai Angel (purely coincidental!).

I have been back in Bulgaria for over 6 weeks since my last trip and with all the cooking I have been doing, why not try to make Pad Thai.  So here is my challenge.  I found this great blog Chez Pim, which had an post about Pad Thai for Beginners.  It really explained things and offered great advice and tips, but some of the ingredients were tricky i.e tamarind paste, palm sugar, garlic chives, even tofu etc… I have to admit, the thought of driving through Sofia for a few hours to hunt down a handful of products was not really appealing, but today I figured why not!  I had my expectations low since my friend Vanessa had already done some pre-gaming at one of my go to options Hit in Maldost 4 (Младост 4) and came up dry, but I decided to try it anyway.  As luck would have it I found Tamarind Paste and Tofu. Things in the store aren’t actually arranged logically.  Tofu with butter and dairy, but not near the soy milk? 

I according the Chez Pim, I needed to prep all the ingredients and set aside and make the sauce and set aside.  I followed all of the directions to the tee.  But, I missed a few beats.  The directions said to soak the noodles instead of boiling them, so I did just that.  On my first attempt.  I tossed the noodles with the tofu and garlic with a little sauce, but the noodles were not soft enough.  I figured I would toss that batch and start again, but Angel was really hungry and said he would eat the mistake.  I was eager to hear his opinion and he described the noodles like “pad-thai jerky”.  Needless to day, he couldn’t finish with out chipping a few teeth.

After that things went really well, but the proportions of the sauce were off.  It only yielded 1 cup of sauce and the dish could have used about double.  I would have used 3/4 cup – 1 cup of the tamarind paste & fish sauce and 1/2 cup of brown cane sugar, so you don’t have to skimp.  

All in all.  This Pad Thai was a keeper!!!!

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