Timing is Everything

There is one similarity between gardening and cooking that has recently, jumped out at me.  It is all about the timing.  When cooking you need to get the time just right, so everything is ready at the same time to serve it at the right temp.  I still can’t do it, but I know it is important!  And, it is the same thing with gardening.  

Some of the things I am growing won’t be ready for 2 – 3 years.  For example: artichokes, asparagus, avocados, oriental poppies (not for opium production ;)…  I mean you really have to like something to wait 2 – 3 years.  

Then there was my first lettuce harvest.  I started the seed in February of 2008.  The were growing beautifully.  And before I went to the States in April, I had put them in the ground.  On the package they said 7 weeks from seed to harvest, but that was a lie.  I got about 1/2 cup of salad after 8 weeks.  I knew that going to the US was going to make me miss my crop.  And when I got back in June they had all gone to seed.  I don’t actually think I could have eaten all that salad anyway.  I had like 40 heads of lettuce and 10 bunches of baby spinach.  So, at lease I know they can grow in my soil.

Now, I know I can grow stuff.  I have to figure out how to time the harvest so, I always have a nice selection available.  Last night, I had about a handful of green beans, so I tossed them in some asian sesame noodles with sesame crusted shrimp (thumbs up shrimp, thumbs down noodles).  It was a nice crunch!

So, set you calendars… in 2 – 3 years there is an artichoke, asparagus, avocado and opium party at my house!!! 

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Author: caseyangelova

Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria www.caseyangelova.com

4 thoughts on “Timing is Everything”

  1. I wish I had extra. I am trying to figure out how to grow more with less space. My friends want to taste to sweet corn, but I barely have enough for my family. What is a garden to do! PS I drive an eggplant purple Peugot station wagon. I call it my “aubergine”!!!


  2. I should stop reading your blog when hungry… So no one picked and ate any of your fresh lettuce while you were in the States – why?! And speaking of aubergines – are u growing them? Since they are such prominent staple of Bulgarian/Balkan/Middle Eastern cuisine!


  3. It is a pity that Baba didn’t pick it. There were 5 types of lettuce and baby spinach.As for eggplant, I am trying this year to grow what I can’t get. I would like to grow some Japanese Eggplants. I need to find more room because I as I peruse seed catalogues, I wonder where the hell I am going to fit it all!!


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